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    at Bucktown Crossfit

  • The Best Fitness Community in Chicago

    Bucktown Crossfit Group Shot - Post Workout

    Who We Are

    We are a veteran owned strength and conditioning facility located in the Bucktown Neighborhood of Chicago. We offer programs for Crossfit, Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, and Power Lifting.


    Our community consists of athletes and coaches dedicated to developing physical fitness through positivity, hard work, and mental toughness. It is through the community that we all succeed!

    Bucktown Crossfit - Kettlebell Swing through Rings

    Our Philosophy

    Bucktown Crossfit began as a community of like minded men and women with an interest at pursuing a high level of fitness. We have grown in numbers, but continue to be passionate about helping people develop health, wellness, and uncommon fitness. We believe that through effective training, nutrition, and recovery anyone can achieve fitness and reclaim command of their health.

    Bucktown Crossfit Girls - 4th of July

    Who We Train

    Fitness is not a prerequisite, it is a goal.

    We work with people all along the spectrum of fitness, from untrained desk-jockeys to professional athletes.


    We have found that functional fitness benefits all people regardless of ability. By scaling load and difficulty we are able to train any healthy person with efficacy.


    None of us are a finished product. Anyone with the will to work hard and desire to make a change for the better is welcome at Bucktown Crossfit!

  • Giant 6,500 sqft. Training Facility



    Strength In Numbers


  • Our Programs / Classes

    Bucktown Crossfit - Crossfit Classes - Box Jump


    Our core CrossFit program designed to increase ALL aspects of your fitness and make you a healthier and happier human being. This program dedicates time to developing strength, mobility, gymnastic skills and otherworldy conditioning.


    From our beginner’s On-Ramp course on, ALL athletes will coached towards their fitness goals. Our CrossFit workouts have options for those focused on fitness, performance, and even competitive CrossFit.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Power Track - Back Squat

    Power Track

    Power Track is a strength & conditioning program that emphasizes strength and power. Here you will develop the barbell movements, jump, and sprint similar to field sport training for football, rugby, hockey, etc. If you are looking to be VERY strong and explosive then Power Track may be right for you. Power Track meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings

    Bucktown Crossfit - Turbo Charge - Med Ball Handoff


    Turbocharge is tailored to those looking to improve their aerobic engine in the mid-to-long time domain. This is perfect for all athletes looking to improve their Metcon times and/or looking to compete in a triathlon, adventure race, or marathon!




    Bucktown Crossfit - Chicago Barbell Club - Snatch

    Chicago Barbell Club

    Train in the sport of Weightlifting with our dedicated coach and team. Develop technique and work to increase strength, power, and efficiency. The barbell Club has a place for beginners as well as advanced athletes.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Personal Training - Rower

    Personal Training

    Work 1-on-1 with a coach to achieve specific goals for fitness and health. Specialized programs are offered to improve general fitness, increase mobility, lose excess bodyweight, or even develop as a competitive athlete.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Nutrition Coaching

    Nutrition Club

    Work with a coach to achieve improved performance, body composition, and energy levels through a custom personalized nutrition program. Nutrition Club combines the benefits of a custom meal plan with the accountability and support of a great group! Contact us for more info on Nutrition Club!

  • Class Schedule


    Monday - Friday:








    8pm (Except Friday)








    Power Track

    Monday - Thursday:




    Turbo Charge

    Monday - Friday:


  • What is Crossfit?

    "A high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise"

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  • Located in the Heart of Bucktown

    Right off of 90/94 and just steps from the CTA!

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    2338 N Seeley, Chicago, IL 60647
    5:30am - 9pm
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    All of our membership options are unlimited and include access to all of our coached training programs

    Pricing is based upon the length of your commitment


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