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    Bucktown Crossfit - Crossfit Classes - Box Jump


    Our core CrossFit program designed to increase ALL aspects of your fitness and make you a healthier and happier human being. This program dedicates time to developing strength, mobility, gymnastic skills and otherworldy conditioning.


    From our beginner’s On-Ramp course on, ALL athletes will be coached towards their fitness goals. Our CrossFit workouts have options for those focused on fitness, performance, and even competitive CrossFit.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Power Track - Back Squat

    Power Track

    Power Track is a strength & conditioning program that emphasizes strength and power. Here you will develop the barbell movements, jump, and sprint similar to field sport training for football, rugby, hockey, etc. If you are looking to be VERY strong and explosive then Power Track may be right for you. Power Track meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings

    Bucktown Crossfit - Turbo Charge - Med Ball Handoff


    Turbocharge is tailored to those looking to improve their aerobic engine in the mid-to-long time domain. This is perfect for all athletes looking to improve their Metcon times and/or looking to compete in a triathlon, adventure race, or marathon!




    Bucktown Crossfit - Chicago Barbell Club - Snatch

    Chicago Barbell Club

    Train in the sport of Weightlifting with our dedicated coach and team. Develop technique and work to increase strength, power, and efficiency. The barbell Club has a place for beginners as well as advanced athletes.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Personal Training - Rower

    Youth Sports Strength and Conditioning

    This program is designed for young athletes ages 13-17 who wish to improve their performance in team sports. Participants will improve strength and conditioning through foundational barbell movements, agility drills, and metabolic conditioning.

    Bucktown Crossfit - Nutrition Coaching

    Perfect your training, nutrition, and personal development with this plan. The program features a fully customized nutrition and goals plan, accountability coaching, and a monthly InBody body composition scan! Program available to both BTCF members AND outside athletes!

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