Terms & Conditions: Membership Commitment Terms & Conditions

Discounted pricing is based upon commitment length. Our commitments are non-negotiable once they have begun. Please note the following: Early Termination: Illness, injury, or permanent relocation (>25 miles) are valid reasons for early termination at the discretion of management. Early Termination Fee: There will be an early termination fee of $75 per month remaining on the membership assessed for those exiting prior to the commitment end. Renewal: All memberships are automatically renewing unless canceled 3-days prior to the next billing cycle. Renewal of the commitment re-starts the commitment length to the same amount of time as the original commitment. Temporary Hold: Commitments can be placed on hold for up two consecutive months at the discretion of management, extending the commitment by a like amount of time.

  • Memberships and Pricing

    All of our membership options are unlimited and include access to all of our coached training programs

    Pricing is based upon the length of your commitment


    Contact us for questions regarding pricing for special services, prepaid discounts, or bundled packages

    12-Month Membership

    $175 / Month

    8-Month Membership

    $195 / Month

    4-Month membership

    $215 / Month


    $225 / Month